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A Greek-American Odyssey Begins…

“It is the image in the mind that links us to our lost treasures, but it is the loss that shapes the image, gathers the flowers, weaves the garland.”

Here I sit, back home in Flushing, fighting with myself.  Where to start, where to begin my second entry?  A tune from The Sound of Music pops into my head, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…” Born with the ability to see in my mind’s eye, an image comes into view, and so begins my Greek-American Odyssey…

I wrote LASTING IMAGE in a 1998 poetry workshop. Through a visualization exercise, the facilitator asked us to search for an image that inspires us to put pen to paper. In an instant I found myself in the two-room house where I was born on the Island of Paros. My mother is standing by the stove.  She rolls up her sleeve, and gently places her right elbow into a large pot of milk to test the temperature. She is making  yogurt…

Lasting Image

A large pot filled with smooth white yogurt,
Placed with love on a chair, sits and sets.

Hanging from a wooden beam on the ceiling,
A small yellow bird sits silently in its cage.

Framed in her icon home on the wall,
Panayia, the Virgin Mary, sees all and stares into space.

My mother,
A bird floundering in her nest,
A silent spirit lost at sea,
On an island of dreams,
Makes yogurt for the last time in her Greek island home.

Mom Chair Sepia Tones

Launching My Blog From My Greek Island Home

The seasons come, the seasons go, the years roll on and on, and here I am where it all began, Naoussa, Paros. Stay tuned…

The house where I was born

The house where I was born

My mother Margarita preparing for the move to America

My mother Margarita preparing for the move to America

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